Smart Factory Monitoring Solution
PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) System works like the main CPU of a computer in a factory automation system. Factory robots are controlled by the program of PLC or NC.
In fact hundreds of PLCs have optimized plant automation to increase productivity and efficiency. However, frequent business process changes require the consequential adjustments of PLC program.

PLC market conditions have been described as the closed one which has been led by a few major companies like Mitsubishi, Siemens and Rockwell.
DTLAB’s PLC System saves data automatically whenever its program is changed, informs the process variation to managers instantly and recovers the previous PLC data to normalize the process.


Automatic data backup


Prompt restoration


Loss minimization

Convenient management of controlling program

Process warning with changes


Holding Technology


DPBI/SIEM/APT/ ASCII Strcmp Source analysis security technology


DPBI/SIEM/Sandbox/ Binary Validation Check security technology


IoT system that allows real time data collection from production facilities


Real time data transmitting system using UDP which connects PLC and the development system


Distributed IoT control system at each stage of the workflow


Distributed IoT control system at each stage of the workflow


Auto-Backup/ Recovery system & DPBI(Deep Protocol Behavior Inspection)/Protocol Tracing technology


IoT RF Alert system & RF Amplifier & Multiprocessing technology

function and configuration

Load Security Server with PLC Security Solution
Load SBMR-IoT Server with PLC Back-up Solution
Load SBMR-IoT Server with PLC Monitoring Solution
Load SBMR-IoT Server with PLC Recovery Solution
Build Network Router/Hub equipment to control distributed PLC
Construct M2M equipment for additional IoT alert function
Build HDD for the second Back-up of the above solutions
Set up power stabilizer for the stable operation of the whole system
Commercialize the system after mounting on Rack-serve case

Effect of application

The special thing of DTLAB’s PLC System is the integration of these three functions – monitoring, management and backup/recovery. We expect that our product will achieve first-mover advantage in market when it finishes testing in a Korean mobile manufacturing company.

DTLAB’s PLC System builds a better risk management process, which enables companies to stay ahead of the competition and consequentially to save manufacturing cost.
Efficient automation will boost higher sales which create employment, act out the best national and local interests and upgrade the company’s image in national and international community.